With the aim of always offering the best product and the maximum provisions for our customers, we have added a new high-capacity Litec truss to our catalogue. Following market trends, the truss has a black finish.

The horizontal sections are Litec RL105A, their dimensions are 1.06 metres high and 0.67m wide. These trusses can take an evenly distributed load of over 3,600kg over a span of 24m, or 1,450kg over a span of 39m.

The rigs acquired to lift the truss are the Litec Maxitower MT52, able to lift a weight of 3,000kg up to a height of 15m. The structure that makes up the rig can be used for horizontal loads, allowing spans of 22m to be set with a load of over 1,459kg distributed evenly.

They are available immediately and in stock we have the 130m truss RL105A, the 120m QL52A and 8 MT52 bases with their corresponding stabilisers.

All the loads mentioned have been taken from and comply with the UNI ENV 1999-1-1 (Eurocode 9) regulation.

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