LED screens are an essential element for any corporate event, conventions, fairs, congresses and a multitude of applications where the only limit is the user's imagination.

At Albadalejo, we are aware of the demand for high quality products and have added a large number of Gloshine MV 2.6 screens to our catalogue.

This fabulous screen has won IF Design and Red Dot awards due to its ease of use, functionality and curved screen construction. The Gloshine MV 2.6 is the ideal solution for applications requiring flexible installation, optimal viewing angles and maximum image quality.

The Gloshine MV 2.6 is equipped with easily removable modules allowing for quick replacement; each module features its own calibration parameters. This HDR screen offers exceptional colour reproduction and high contrast resulting in a perfect viewing experience.

The excellent lateral attachment system between screens makes it possible to create an arrangement of curved modules both convex and concave, with a maximum of +/- 6 degrees, in increments of 1.5º per module. Bevelled modules are available at Albadalejo that allow for 90º corners without affecting image reproduction.

The communication card is just as important as the screen and its modules. Albadalejo's Gloshine screens incorporate state-of-the-art Novastar A8 cards, for maximum use of screen capacity.

The processors chosen to transmit the signal to the screen are the VX1000 processors, also from Novastar. These processors have 10 Ethernet outputs with a capacity of up to 6.5 million pixels, perfectly capable of processing 4K images with virtually no latency. The VX1000 also has controller functions with up to 10 memories and three layers.

As professionals in the field, we would like to give you some tips that will guarantee the success of your event. However, our technical producers will guide you through the entire project process.

  • First of all, it is essential to know where and how the screen will be mounted. We must always take into account the optimal view of those attending the event. If space permits, it can be suspended from the ceiling, otherwise, it must be placed on a completely regular and smooth space such as a carpeted platform.
  • It is very important that we have easy access to the spot where the screen will be installed. It is essential to have a sufficient and exclusive power supply available to guarantee the system's uninterrupted operation. If the event requires it, a good internet connection will be necessary, always by network cable or fibre.
  • The planning of the event is essential for the correct dimensioning of the necessary peripheral elements. You need to know what you are going to play on the screen, in what order and in what format. We will provide the necessary elements depending on what is needed. Please tell us if you want to play videos, images, Power Points, Keynotes, etc. Please let us know if cameras are necessary to broadcast the event, if people who are not physically in the room are going to participate, or if you want to do an online broadcast of it on some platform, or your own website.
  • The contents are the basis of the information to be played on the screen. If the screens do not have conventional dimensions, you must tailor them to fit each screen perfectly. It is important that the resolution of the contents is never lower than that of the screen.

For all of these matters and many more, planning the event correctly with Albadalejo's professionals is essential, this will guarantee the success of your event.

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