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Above all, capacity and safety.

All Albadalejo’s lifting systems pass strict resistance and capacity tests. From a simple manual hoist to a variable-speed chain hoist, it all must be able to pass the strictest tests in order to guarantee that they can work at the limit of their performance with maximum safety.

Our trusses are produced by the market’s leading manufacturers whose production and measuring systems are certified by international organisations such as TUV. All of them strictly follow the recommended European directives in Eurocode 9 and are prepared for the new regulation that is coming into force soon.

At Albadalejo we have truss calculation systems to electronically assist our designs, always under the supervision of the top professionals in trussing and rigging.

Do you have an event and need inspiration?

In our portfolio section you can find lots of examples of audiovisual and set designs done with our audiovisual equipment for rental.

Do you need audiovisual consultancy for your next event?

Whatever your project is, we can provide you with our experience and audiovisual consultancy.


Albadalejo is one of the top companies in truss and drive equipment in Spanish territory.

All these materials are available for dry hire as well as complete productions with trusses and drives.

Over 25 years’ experience in big and small installations of all kinds means Albadalejo is able to provide all the necessary solutions for whichever event required. Our experience in the field of trusses extends to different types of events such as fairs, concerts, theatre productions, music festivals, sports galas, corporate events, and any other type of event that requires top-quality trusses and drives.

Our expert production team will provide you consultancy on the correct set-up of the most suitable trusses and chain hoists. Size doesn’t matter, we will work hand in hand with you so you can develop your event with maximum safety and ease, with no obligation.

We can provide you consultancy free of charge, in order to explain the best option to you.

Good maintenance of our truss equipment is what makes us different from other providers. Our black trusses are painted using a powder coating process. This process achieves excellent results in terms of finish and robustness. Our trusses are more difficult to scratch and therefore portray a better image at our events.

The trusses with a silver finish are deep-cleaned using special chemical products for this type of usage. Cleaning agents that give a magnificent finish and don’t affect the resistance of the elements in any way.

All Albadalejo’s chain hoists are checked according to the strictest European directives and following the instructions stated by the manufacturer. Exhaustive checks are carried out in special facilities in order to guarantee maximum safety at events.

If you want, there are thousands of metres of trusses and hundreds of chain hoists available at Albadalejo. Do you want the best quality trusses and chain hoists? Albadalejo is your solution, without a doubt. Take a look at our online catalogue wuth all audio visual equipment list and find out what we could offer you.

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